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1 - 10 System

In 1 to 10's, the muscles perform sets in a manner almost 180 degrees opposite from what they are used to. In general, you start out with a light weight and increase the resistance set by set doing fewer reps each time. Those first reps with the light weight don't really do much for your muscle to grow, it isn't until the muscle begins to get tired and fail that you are really getting to it. The 1 to 10 system by passes all of this and makes you do hard reps with heavy weight right from the beginning, so from the very start you are shocking the muscle into growing. First you do a light warm-up, then you immediately go to a weight so heavy you can hardly do one rep. As quickly as you possibly can, you strip off some weight so that you can do two more reps. Again, you take off some weight and this time do three reps. Keep taking off weight and increasing reps until you reach ten repetitions. The overall total of reps you do this way is fifty-five. That is considered a lot for when you did not stop building muscle between set. And, unlike your normal sets, you do your heavy work first and the muscle gets a good pump at the end. The method is effective for barbell curls, bench presses, and leg extensions.

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