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Anabolic Bodybuilding Techniques For Strength and Size

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All of the anabolic bodybuilding techniques below are very effective methods for stimulating all your muscle fibers. Pick which method you like and use it in your bodybuilding workout for 2 months and then change the method in order to shock the muscles. You cannot use one method forever. Over time, your muscles get accustomed to the same method you use, it will stop growing. You either need to lift heavier or increase your repetitions using the same method or completely change your lifting method. Varying your techniques and put a new kind of stress on youer muscles, shocking them grow.

"Those first reps with the light weight don't really contribute to muscle growth, it isn't until the muscle begins to get tired and fail that you are really getting to it."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The shocking principle

Believe it or not, the body is adaptable and can accustom itself to very heavy workloads and training. If you always put the same type of stress on the body, in the same way, it gets used to this and even very intense training will yield less response than you expected. The way to avoid this is by shocking the body with new workouts, unusual exercises, or exercises performed in a different way or order.You'd be surprised at how difficult a relatively easy training program becomes if you are not used to it. And once you do get accustomed to it, it is time to introduce another novelty or variation in your training to "shock" the muscles into continued response. Unusually heavy weight will tend to shock the muscle, but so will employing any number of specific intensity principles like the stripping Method or the Isotension Principle, or anything else that catches the muscle off guard, so to speak, that surprises the body and forces it to respond in a manner for which it is not prepared.

Below are very effective method you can use in your bodybuilding training. Always start out with a warm up of the body part you are going to train. The warm up begin with 2 sets of the weight that you will fail between 15 to 20 repetitions. Don't forget to stretch that body part between set.

Matrix Mass Training

The Stripping Method

The Isotension Principle

Pre-Exhaust Training

Running the Rack

I Go/You Go

The Flushing Method

Partial Reps

Multi-Excercise Sets

The One-and-a-Half Method

Compound Exercise

Progressive Workload

1 - 10 System

Platoon System (21s)

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