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Anabolic Burst Cycling Diet

What is the anabolic burst cycling of diet & exercise program?

The Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet and Exercise, (ABCDE System) for short is a new and rather unorthodox diet system of bodybuilding. With this system developed by, (Sweadish Scientist Torbjorn Akerfeldt) you OVEREAT your way to a bigger muscle mass. You read it right, a diet that tells you to OVEREAT. To explain how the system works, you need to understand how muscle mass is produced. Your body is a complex Chemical Reactor. The Hormones in your body, are essentially chemical messengers to your brain. When we eat, Insulin & Testosterone levels rise. This produces Growth hormones; the Growth hormones send the message to the brain to grow. Simple enough, basic common knowledge, we eat we get bigger.

The ABCDE System is simply a legal & healthy anabolic steroid alternative. When an athlete takes Steroids, they are overloading there body with Testosterone, or Sex hormones. Here's how the system works. For a period of 14 days you are supposed to, for lack of a better example, EAT LIKE A HORSE. Now here's the catch to the system, you Overeat Healthy foods. For the first phase of the system you want a diet that will give you a high Calorie intake for that 14 day period. The result will be a gain in muscle mass, as well as a slight gain in body fat. Overeating the healthy foods will give you more muscle than fat.

Now what is Body Fat? Body Fat is nothing more than surplus Energy and Nutrients, that the body did not need to process. Know for the second phase of the ABCDE System. For the next 12 to 14 days you are instructed to UNDEREAT! For the last 14 days you've been packing away a diet high in Calories, this has been keeping your Insulin & Testosterone levels at a high peak, making a high peak of Growth Hormones. Phase 2 you are not taking in those high Calorie counts that your body has become use to, so it needs to compensate for the drop in levels. How does it do this, burning the Body Fat. Your body will use those surplus levels to compensate. Now your left with the Muscle Mass, and you are losing the excess fat. Now you need to repeat this process over and over, until you gain the desired mass. The key thing to remember throughout the entire process, EAT HEALTHY, remembering to also keep an intense workout routine.

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Anabolic Burst Cycling

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