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Bodybuilding Magazine Articles

Bodybuilding Magazines Are a Waste of Time
The reason I ask is that many new trainees trying to start a weightlifting program look to bodybuilding magazines for inspiration...

Hardgainer Secrets to Insane Muscle Growth - What Bodybuilding Magazines Don't Want You to Know
Are you one of those people who buy tons of bodybuilding magazines? They do not want you to know hardgainer secrets to insane muscle growth....

The Fastest Way to Bodybuilding Gains is the Truth
Like most people, when I think of bodybuilding I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger. To me, in his prime, his was the body to stop at. Perfect and cut. Easily winning every competition he entered. It is every mans goal to look like that. But it is important to realize that Arnold merely had the best body that super hard workouts and steroids could produce. His routines would over train a natural bodybuilder in no time at all. Still, many fitness and bodybuilding magazines printed his workouts for specific body parts just like an amateur bodybuilder should be able to do the same thing. Many today, like Flex magazine are printing the workouts of the current group of drug addicted muscle men....

All Natural (Drug Free) Bodybuilding Secrets
As far as working out is concerned, forget all you read in the most popular bodybuilding magazines in the market. The routines posted in most magazines by...

Forget The Bodybuilding Magazines - Follow The Basics
One of the places that a beginner bodybuilder might go to learn about the fundamentals might be the local bookstore, and one of the first stops in the bookstore would probably be the magazine rack. Looking to bodybuilding magazines can inspire a new bodybuilder by demonstrating what others have accomplished before. Though the pictures can be intimidating sometimes, many novice bodybuilders find the magazines exciting and take much of the information to heart. This can cause a major problem when it comes to choosing supplements to help build muscle. Did you know that many magazines actually own or are owned by supplement companies?...

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