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McGregor's Workouts Variation

     The fights of the UFC distinguish the deadly fighters with the rest of the human race. These fighters perform training routines that no other person could perform. Conor "The Notorious" McGregor, a renowned Mixed Martial Arts and UFC champion has revealed a bit about his workout routines.

     Something that differentiates Conor from other fighters is the energy that he transmits. When you reach a place, everything that touches becomes gold. It is energy like that transmitted by Michael Jordan when playing basketball or Arnold Schwarzenegger when he arrived at the gym. "The Notorious" Conor is recognized for a reason.

     His style is more like a boxer. He is even a champion in the featherweight category. His rapid and precise movements have given him a great and different way of ending his opponents. His workout is not a common workout, as the fighter prefers to handle the techniques with speed and precision to know when and where to hit his opponent. Conor does not work his muscles in any bodybuilding room, but he knows what his body needs and does what he thinks is necessary at the moment. Unlike other wrestlers who only seek supernatural strength, a strict regime has no place in his life.

     Conor begins his workouts with simple stretching, good nutrition, and hydration. You can start taking jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, capoeira, or yoga classes. Sometimes he just decides to box. The wrestler does not have a repetitive workout routine, but does what he thinks is best.

     The constant evolution and study of his body is what allows Conor to be innovative at the moment of performing a workout. Other wrestlers simply settle for lifting weights to achieve great strength and make the routine become boring. The importance of knowing our body well is one of McGregor's fundamentals when training. He says that we cannot enslave ourselves to work alone in one way. We must know our body and adapt to its needs. The fighter is willing to know all the possible ways to move his body and do whatever is necessary to achieve maximum results.

     McGregor made sure to look for the best in training and looked for Ido Portal to help him with his workout. At 27 years of age, Conor adopted the philosophy of Portal and works daily in it, developing new techniques to improve his timing, agility, and power.

     For Conor, the octagon has become his dance floor, thanks to the different movements he has learned to control his body and knows how to move when facing an opponent. Assuming different postures, reaching the unattainable, and almost teleporting to inaccessible places are one of the characteristics that identify and differentiate him from other fighters. Conor's workouts have provided him with a variety of postures and movements, concentrating less on his muscles, and more on brute strength and endurance, which can be very dangerous on several occasions.

     The fighter ensures that he is willing to know more about his body and perform more and different training sessions that will allow him more opportunities to defeat his opponents. His constant desire for innovation is another factor that sets him apart from other fighters and this is what has made him the champion of the UFC and maintain his popularity in the world of fights.

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