Bodybuilding Meal Frequency

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Meal Frequency and Bodybuilding

You need to spread the nutrients, protein, and carbohydrates among 5 - 6 meals per day. There are several reasons behind this as opposed to the normal 3 meals or 2 meals per day that the majority of Americans are consuming per day. The reasoning behind all of this is the following:

1. Trying to up your calories in order to gain weight in bodybuilding by adding all of the additional calories to 2 - 3 meals a day is just plain stupid. It is a major tax on your digestive system trying to digest all of those calories in so few meals. Spacing them out to 5 - 6 meals is much better for digestion.

2. With 5 - 6 meals you can maintain a more stable bloodsugar level which will raise your metabolic rate as well as increase the amount of absorbed nutrients for food. This is a tremendous advantage to bodybuilders who are taking protein powders and other supplements as well as regular food in the attempt to gain more muscle.

3. Eating more meals a day will naturally elevate your body's levels of insulin. Insulin is a very powerful anabolic hormone. Insulins main role in the body is to make amino acids available to muscle tissue for growth and recovery from workouts. Insulin release is triggered by the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose by the liver. For growth to occur, insulin must be constantly present in the body so that amino acids and glucose can move into muscle tissue. After meals, amino acids are only available for protein synthesis for only about 3 hours. By eating meals of protein and carbohydrates two or three hours apart, you keep your body releasing enough insulin which will increase the growth producing actions.

4. Eating frequent meals (5 - 6 meals per day) as opposed to 2 - 3 meals per day cause the body to stay in a constant state of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the production of body heat from the burning of food for energy. After a meal, your metabolic rate is elevated as a result of this thermogenesis. In other words, the more meals that you eat, the higher your metabolic rate stays thoughout the day.

5. When eating multiple meals per day, your body will have a constant nutrient supply. This way your body is never put into a "starvation mode," a state induced by repeated cycles of low-calorie dieting in which the body prepares itself for famine. Because meals are coming at shorter, more regular intervals, your body will learn to process food more efficiently, and your metabolism is accelerated as a result.

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Bodybuilding Meal Frequency

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