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Muscle Building Stack Review

Impact Nutrition Freak of Nature Stack™

Now You'll Stack 3 All New Anabolic Agents While You Trigger Protein Synthesis Even More Directly Than Prescription Anabolics.....
Ever heard of 5a-treebinol? Or how about 3c2-Cyanobol™? Didn’t think so… but don’t feel bad because even the most knowledgeable steroid bio-chemists in the world have never heard of these new anabolic agents that just might supersede the amazing effects of prohormones and other steroidal precursors.

Yeah, no “BS” because once you find out how they work scientifically… you’ll discover how to stack them with the most incredible testosterone blaster ever created for the most devastating gains in muscle size and definition you’ve seen in years! If not in your entire lifetime!

Most guys have no clue why prescription anabolic steroids work… so please listen close and you’ll get the Reader’s Digest version. In very basic terms, all anabolics work by signaling what’s called the ribosome inside the muscle cell. This in turn triggers RNA/DNA synthesis which then starts the accelerated production of proteins in your muscles!

And all anabolic steroids, including pure testosterone, work this way.

But here’s what even some of the best steroid biochemists don’t know. There is another classification of compounds that more directly affect the ribosome than even prescription anabolics. It’s 100% true! Soviet research on this cutting edge discovery is very compelling, and has uncovered evidence to support this theory in several studies… here are the details.

What Soviet researchers found was that the main anabolic component of 3c2-Cyanobol™ doesn’t have to “jump through as many hoops” so to speak to deliver its powerful anabolic messages to the ribosome.

3c2-Cyanobol™ is like a pro-bowl linebacker making a “direct” type hit on a running back… as opposed to steroids which get “pushed” into an arm tackle by a skinny D-back coming up from behind… the impact just isn’t the same.

But listen friend, you now have all the impact you need from Impact Nutrition™’s new Freak of Nature Stack™ because you’ll stack this amazing “direct hitting” anabolic agent that’s in Maxteron™ with the equally powerful 5a-treebinol (Equi-Bolan™)… plus a remarkable testosterone elevating compound… completing the most muscle-producing stack imaginable!

OK, so you already know both Maxteron™ and Equi-Bolan™ can stimulate massive protein turnover… which is the greatly accelerated manufacturing of protein inside the muscle cell.

But, what you don’t know about Maxteron™ is that researchers believe it has a preferential liking to type II, fast twitch muscle fibers! And this is extremely crucial. As you may know, fast twitch fibers are the type of fibers all the “freaks of nature” have, guys like Haney and Arnold… all were fast twitch freaks of nature!

And, because of this... they have a much easier time building muscle because type II fibers have a much greater potential for muscle growth than type I, slow twitch fibers… that’s just the way it is!

But listen to this… if this stack was a movie it would be called, “The Revenge Of Slow Twitchers”, because that’s what Maxteron™ allows you to do… to take revenge on all those natural fast-twitch freaks who piss you off because they had 17 ½ inch guns before they even started lifting weights!

This is a big, big breakthrough because a “super-anabolism” effect is directed toward the muscle fibers that have the highest potential for muscle growth!

For example: Let’s say you have about the average ratio of slow to fast twitch fibers… which is about 65% slow and 35% fast. (The freaks have about 80% fast and 20% slow) This means less than half your muscle has a great potential to get big! And let’s further say you wanted to go on your first real steroid cycle to see how far you could take your genetic potential. That’s cool… but here’s what would happen. Those D-Bol, or Deca metabolites will more likely “anabolize” the muscle fibers that have the least potential for muscle growth… the slow twitch.

Now, there’s no denying real anabolics work… but doesn’t it make a lot more sense to go after the “fibers” that will bring the biggest rewards in terms of muscle size?

After all, wouldn’t you rather work at a job 4 hours to make $120 as opposed to working 6 hours to make $100? Well, this is what Maxteron™ and Equi-Bolan™ will do… give you more “muscular currency” for the same, or even less effort!

This is unbelievable, and “reprograms” you in a sense, giving you the appearance that you are one of the few, the proud… the fast-twitch muscle freaks of nature everyone looks up to!

But listen friend… this party is just getting started because the next compound is going to greatly magnify the “freakiness” of Maxteron™ and Equi-Bolan™. It’s called Dynadrol™ and it’s without question the most potent testosterone elevating compound you can get without a prescription.

So what you have now are two King-Kong anabolics… and a testosterone enhancing pill that will magnify them! You see where this is headed don’t you? You now have 3 separate anabolic agents synergizing with each other.

The “muscular implications” of this are staggering because of the extreme synergism! What does the term “synergism” mean? It means that a combination of things has a exponential effect. Simply put, 1 + 1 + 1 no longer equals 3… it could equal 33, or 11 times the effect!

OK, now that you know of the incredible synergistic effect Dynadrol™ adds to this stack… you now need to know why it’s able to exert such a powerful triggering effect on Maxteron™ and Equi-Bolan™. As you are aware, testosterone is the chief anabolic agent you were born with. It’s the stuff that caused you to get more muscular and stronger every year during your teenage years… without even working out! It’s the “exciter” of all “exciters” in terms of triggering protein anabolism inside your muscle cell. And the reason for this is… you were born with many millions of testosterone receptors all over your body, but especially in your muscle cells! So when you take testosterone, besides making you think about women all day, it has an extraordinary affinity to muscle cells… which then “excites” your internal muscle building plant to no end!

And this is the beauty of this stack… and why it works so unbelievably well. What you do is take Dynadrol™ for the first 7 days to “pre-excite” the nucleus of the muscle cell into activity with massive amounts of testosterone.

Think of it this way. You walk into a fancy night club all by yourself and unless you’re Ben Affleck, you won’t create much excitement! However, walk into that same fancy night club with a gorgeous blond on your left and a gorgeous brunette on your right and you’ll get so many phone numbers you’ll get arthritis in the tips of your fingers calling them all back. That’s because the blond and the brunette have “pre-approved you” to their sisters. Well, this is what Dynadrol™ does, it sets the stage… it pre-excites the muscle cell to receive more and more anabolic signals from Maxteron™ and Equi-Bolan™ when you start to take them a week later.

And this is what separates the Freak of Nature Stack™ from all other stacks. How is it possible for one OTC testosterone compound to be so powerful? Listen close. Testosterone is naturally produced in the body through a chain of events that starts with the hypothalamus which secretes androgen releasing factors which then signal the pituitary gland to release what’s called leutinizing hormone (LH) which… instructs the testes to produce more testosterone.

So the key is to create lots of extra “LH” so the testes can produce more testosterone. And this is what Dynadrol™ does without peer.

Now, this isn’t to say that everyone who takes Dynadrol™ will get such gargantuan surges in test levels. But even if you just get a 200% increase… even 100% increase, that’s HUGE!

And the best part is, this is your own testosterone. Dynadrol™ is not a synthetic testosterone compound like Sustanon or Cypionate, that will, over time, shut down your natural production. What have we been thinking all these years? This is a much, much better way to “skin the cat” and you’ll witness it first hand within a few days of being on this amazing compound when your bench starts to skyrocket… when your pumps become almost unbearable… and when your girlfriend tells you she just can’t take any more! And this is just from Dynadrol™… imagine what’s going to happen a week later when you add Maxteron™ and Equi-Bolan™?

No kidding… the speed at which this stack works is nothing short of mind boggling… you beceome a bona-fide freak of nature and totally “piss off” every guy at your gym!

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