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Pre-Exhaust Training

The total bodybuilding effect comes about when you fully stimulate and innervate as many fibers in the muscle as possible. But some muscles are bigger than others and, when used in combination with smaller ones, will still have unused fiber available when the smaller muscles are totally exhausted. But you can plan your training so that you isolate and fatigue the big muscle first, before you train it in combination wither smaller ones. When you do a bench press, for example, you are using your pectorals, front delts, and triceps in combination. The pectorals are by far the strongest of these muscles, and normally, when you press the weight up, the smaller delts and triceps fail long before the pectorals.To compensate for this, you can do dumbbell flys first, which isolate and "pre-exhaust" the pectorals. Then if you go on to do bench presses, the pectorals, which are already tired, will go to total fatigue at about the same time as the other muscles. Other pre-fatigue routines could involve doing leg extensions before squats (pre-fatiguing the quadriceps), dumbbell laterals before shoulder presses (pre-fatiguing the deltoids), or fatiguing the lats in isolation on a nautilus pullback machine before doing seated rows, t-bar rows, or another rowing exercise involving the biceps.

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