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Running the Rack

This is one of the best way to use dumbebells to shock the muscle. It involves doing an excercise with a set of dumbbells, when done, picking up the next lighter weight, and doing another set without stopping. This is actually a dumbbell variation of the Striping Method. For example, you do dumbbell presses starting with 100-pound weights and going to failure, then immediately setting them down and continuing with 90 pound dumbells. Your muscles will be too tired at thsi point to press 100 pounds, but the remaining unused fiber could still lift the slightly lighter weight. Again, when the 90-pound weights got too heavy, you want to go down to the 80s, then the 70s, and so on. Each time you go down the rack you reach a little deep into the available muscle tissue to shock and innervate the muscle more thoroughly.

There are a number of ways of varying this technique, for example, using the dumbbells on a rest/pause basis - doing the exercise until exhausted, putting down the weights for ten seconds, then forcing out additional reps - or working your way up the rack as high as you can, then back down, doing fewer reps with the heavier weights and more reps with the lighter ones.

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