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The Stripping Method

When you first start training in bodybuilding training it will be obvious to you that when you come to the end of a set and seemingly cannot do another repetition, that doesn't necessarily mean the muscles involved are totally fatigued, only that they are too tired to lift that amount of weight. If a plate or two is removed, you can do more repetitions. Take another plate off, and you can keep going even longer. Each time you do this, you are forcing the muscles to recruit more of your muscle fiber. This training principle is called the Stripping Method. You should never use the stripping method at the beginning of an exercise when you are fresh and strong, but only for your last set. For example, you do a set of 10 repititions for 3 sets. Your last set you could not complete all 10 reps. Pick up a lighter weight and start pumping. Move on and on to the next lighter set until you can not do a single repetition. Since the changes in weight must be made quickly so that the msucles don't have time to recuperate, it helps to have a work out partner ready to slop plates off the bar or move the pin in a machine weight stack. After you have failed, your partner would quickly strip off weight so that you would do more reps. It is not recommended that you go too low, for example, while moving down to the next lighter set, if you could do those lighter set more than six repetition per set, then you are going too low. However, unless you are training for maximum definition, because you won't grow by handling weights that are too light.

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