The Metabolism Diet

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Fast Metabolism Bodybuilding Diet

The following diet is used to determine to get the most out of your metabolism.  This diet lets you know when it is the best times to eat fat and how much depending on whether you are going through a bulking mass phase or a cutting dieting phase.  Your metabolism is a big determiner of when and how much fat to eat at a time in order to keep from putting on a large degree of fat. 

 Chart for Determining the Amounts of Fat to Have in your Diet
Meal / Time
Bulking Phase Fat %
Cutting Phase Fat %
Breakfast, 7 AM
30% (20 grams)
25% (17 grams)
The metabolic rate and catabolic activity is at its peak.  Fat storage capacity is very low.
Snack, 10 AM
25% (11 grams)
20% (9 grams)
The metabolic rate is still on the high end.  Fat storage capacity is still low.
Lunch, 1 PM
20% (13 grams)
15% (10 grams)
The metabolic rate is beginning to drop off.  Fat storage capacity is moderate.  Focus on high quality and complex carbs.
Snack, 4 PM
30% (13 grams)
25% (11 grams)
The metabolic rate is only moderate.  However, you want to maximize FT levels for your workout, and excess fat will be used as fuel during the workout, decreasing storage potential.
Snack, 7 PM
15% (7 grams)
10% (4 grams)
This is the time to focus on replacing glycogen stores and moving proteins into muscle cells.  Higher fat would slow absorbtion time of these nutrients and compromise recuperation.
Dinner, 8 PM
25% (17 grams)
20% (13 grams)
This is the trickiest time.  You want to help offset evening catabolism, but this is also a prime fat storage period.  Therefore, moderate fat intake is recommended.
25% (81 grams)
20% (64 grams)

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The Metabolism Diet

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