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What is the Fastest Way to Build Muscle?

The fastest way to build muscle for those who are not accustomed to working out is simply to begin exercising for over twenty minutes a day. After twenty minutes, your body begins to burn fat, which then leads to a firmer, more muscled body in a matter of just a few weeks. Building muscle will also depend on your diet, which should be protein rich and filled with many healthy ingredients.


Exercise and Muscle Mass


When you are looking for the fastest way to build muscle, the the first thing that you want to do is look at your exercise routine, and figure out how it needs to change. There are three main types of muscles in your body, making it important to use several different workouts to build up each of these three main muscle strands.


The key to building up each type of muscle is to make sure that you mix your work outs up, so that you can work on each of these types of muscles. The muscles that move the fastest, called the twitch muscles, are what you use for a short burst of energy, such as a chin up. The endurance of this muscle is only about thirty seconds, making it necessary to use other exercises to train other muscles.


Moderate Intensity


The fastest way to build muscle, for a beginner, is to begin with at least one half hour increments of moderate intensity exercises to begin the process of burning fat. Once you have trained your body to easily finish these thirty minute bursts of exercise, then you can move on to more intense work outs that will quickly work to build muscle.


Moderate intensity exercise can include everything from a brisk walk to a half an hour of swimming, but you should remember that weight training is not the only exercise that you need to do to build muscle. You will also want to include plenty of lean meats and other proteins in your diet, since protein is necessary to build muscle.


Weight Training


Weight training will also become a part of your work out routine, especially once you have begun to lose most of the fat from your body. The fastest way to build muscle using weight training is to make sure that you eat the right foods, and that you continue with your other work out routines to keep the energy burning in your body.


Weight training usually consists of isolating each mucle group in the body, to strengthen that particular group. The fastest way to build muscle throughout your body is to make sure that you use all of the muscle groups each day.


Adding Protein


Many people who are looking for the fastest way to build muscle add a protein shake to their day, typically within a few minutes of working out. You can also have a food that contains both protein and a carbohydrates to help your muscles rejuvenate, so that they can begin building with the vitamins in your diet.

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