Workout Layoffs

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When should you take time off from working out?

I rarely plan my layoffs. Know why? Cos I might be missing some extra time I could be gaining. A six to eight week stretch of working out with one week "vacation" is just an estimate, an approximation. The most important thing is that you listen to your body. Sometimes if I'm going hard I have to stop after four weeks. Sometimes I go up to 9 or 10 weeks without a layoff.


When you feel fatigued, your gains are minimal or nothing OR (God forbid) decrease, the gym is probably the last place you wanna be.It's the compulsion that drives you on. Recognize these signs--representing overtraining--and grin and bear the week off.

If ya want, go do some light cardio. The endorphin release will calm your anxiety and put you in a better mood.

Think about how your muscles are healing and growing bigger, rather than how they are shrinking and deterioration.

In essence, change your mental approach to lifting weight. If you don't, you risk injury, loss of muscle, and a decreased resistance to disease (overtraining wrecks your immunity system).

Hope this helps!

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Workout Layoffs

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